Coin Review : Basic Attention Token (BAT)

basic attention tokenDate: 8th January 2018

Price:  US$ 0.6442

Value Proposition:      Blockchain-based digital advertising platform combined with new browser technology that blocks ads and malware. Current browser technology consumes significant data and battery power in mobile phones because sites embed so many trackers, a figure advertised by BAT as $23/month per mobile user.=

Token Use in the Platform:  The Basic Attention Token is used as the medium of exchange between publisher, advertiser and viewer/customer.  BAT is build on top of Ethereum and so the BAT token is ERC20.

MVP:   The Brave browser is available for download and use across multiple platforms. The BAT platform is also running alongside the Brave browser and users can elect to donate the BAT to publishers that they appreciate.

Strength of Team:       This is an incredibly strong team, the guy who developed Javascript, Netscape, Mozila, Firefox is the brains behind this project, coupled with a stellar team and significant backing from the VC community.

The reason we like BAT & Brave:  I think browsing needs to change and Brave/BAT have a really interesting combination between new browser tech that can measure a viewers ‘attention’ and then a micro-payments eco-system that rewards publishers, advertisers and viewers alike.

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