How My Portfolio Fared in the November 30th Market Correction

Nov 30 blog post This week was an exciting week in the cryptocurrency markets.  On Monday, Bitcoin topped $10,000 and on Wednesday morning it surged past $11,000, all the way to nearly $11,500.

Of course I was watching my portfolio carefully and I bailed out of Bitcoin at $10,630 as it started its decline all the way down to $9,000. I also sold Dash which reached $820 this morning, and thankfully I got that little tug in my belly that said ‘Sell, sell, sell!!’

Here’s what’s in my portfolio currently, and how each has performed in the recent sell off.  For the performance indicator, I’m showing the 7-day performance figures, rather than focussing on the recent market adjustment.  Here goes:

Nov 2017 Market

It’s also worth noting that I sold out of NEO at $39 and BCH at $1600 a few days prior.  So I’m feeling pretty positive about the correction because my portfolio is for the most part, in the same shape it was in before the correction.

That’s a result!