Value Proposition: Covesting logo

COVESTING is building a platform which will allow nascent cryptocurrency investors to mirror experienced & full-time investor portfolio movement.  From their own website:  The Covesting platform allows everyday investors to search and compare the performance of hundreds of proven cryptocurrency traders and mirror their trades automatically. It’s like having hundreds of traders work for you.

Token Economics:     

  • Token type: ERC20
  • Token Supply:  16,500,000 for ICO and 1,500,000 issued in pre-ICO
  • Amount Being Raised:  100,000 ETH
  • Token Distribution:  75% to ICO contributors, 7% bonus for Pre-ICO
  • Token Price: 1ETH = 520-800 COV

Token Use in the Platform:  Tokens are used to pay for the fees (2%) of using the platform, so  one needs to hold COV in order to copy-trade.

Ownership of COV Opportunity:  COV Tokens will appreciate in value from earnings comprising 10% of all copy-trading profits

Minimum Viable Product:  They have a working prototype available on the site.  It’s clean, user intuitive, they’ve integrated communication technology to encourage nascent investors to dialog within the community.

Strength of Team: Covesting has a solid team and a strong advisory board.  I particularly like the fact that the founders and leaders aren’t technologists but instead highly experienced traders, with an interest in Bitcoin and blockchain from the early days.  +3 for strength of team

Market Noise:  Market noise is not outlandish which I like, because this ICO is lacking hype which to me makes it more real.  Telegram followers are relatively low.  -2 for noise level

The reason we like it:  Covesting disrupts the traditional money management market and let’s ‘the little guy’ copy experienced big guys without an intermediary. I think this is a purposeful platform that loads of people will engage with because it serves a real need.  All Covesting has to do is deliver with an easy to use platform that works and then get the name out.

Link to Site:    https://covesting.io/

Link to Whitepaper:  https://covesting.io/Covesting_White_Paper.pdf

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